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THE ARTIST – A Cup of Coffe – S01E01

The Artist - cover


The idea for this animated short film emerged some time ago as a final project for academic formation in digital design and animation. I was able to pick it up due to the quarantine and add details that I had in mind, the music and sound effects, and the voices (with which my partner collaborated). This episode is intended to be the first in a series. A pilot, if you want …

As for the technical details I use the Adobe suite (Illustrator, Photoshop and After Effects) and Audacity for the sound. For the 2.5D look in this case I used 2D layers oriented on their axis to give the 3D impression. Then I worked on the enviroment with the AE cameras and lights.

This view maybe kills the magic a little bit. The characters were completely designed to appear in upcoming episodes.

To animate the characters I used Duik Bassel 2 for “The Artist” and the female presenter. For the rest of the characters I used the puppet tool from After Effects.
Soon I will be uploading some “behind the scenes” of interesting things about the process and making of this animated short, which may be interesting.

Rig made with Duik. Controllers for eyebrows, face, one for each eye, lip sync (originally intended for Spanish), left hand and right hand.


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